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Central Medical Vacuum Supply System is used to provide a reliable and continuous suction in various departments of a hospital, such as Operation Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Coronary and Neonatal Care Units, Delivery and Emergency Departments and also Patient wards. Medical Vacuum Plants are designed to meet the requirements of HTM 2022, C11 and EN 737 with a quality scheme of manufacturing according to ISO 9001:2000, EN 46001:1997, ISO 13485:2001, and the Plants are CE marked to meet the requirements of Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Medical Vacuum Plant equipments:  

Capacities and Flow calculation for Medical Vacuum Plant are determined in strict compliance to HTM 2022 and EN 737 requirements. Medikar built Medical Vacuum Plants operate 380V - 50/60 Hz. electric voltages and fully comply with HTM 2022, C11, EN 737 and IEE requirements.

Medical Vacuum Plant Equipment:

1-) Vacuum Pumps
2-) Digital Electrical Control Panel
3-) Bakterial Filter Group
4-) Vacuum Reservoir
5-) Flexible Connection
6-) Reservoir Collector
7-) The connection between the unit elements


Medical vacuum pumps are used to supply the required vacuum for the hospitals.BECKER Vacuum Pumps are manufactured in Germany as air cooled, oil lubricated and oil free rotary vane types. The motor capacity is about 0, 18 kW and 30 kW. The Vacuum Pumps don't have any risk to draw over current and cut off. One of its specialties is to run at the maximum vacuum value. The maximum vacuum level is about 720 mmHg and it can also run at the vacuum level about 500-620 mmHg. The capacity of the vacuum pump is determined according to the calculation result of the hospital flow. BECKER Vacuum pumps are well known, worldwide quality pumps and have a range of 4-630 m³/h depending upon size of the hospital.


The vacuum reservoir is manufactured to meet the requirements of the hospital and has the function to start or to stop the vacuum pump. 
The vacuum reservoir from the vacuum plant is calculated in accordance to the 9th sections of HTM 2022 Standard and meets 100% of the vacuum requirement of the hospital. Vacuum Tank manufactured in accordance with BS 5169 Class 3 and tested at 4 Bar according to HTM 2022, Vacuum tank capacities are calculated as liquid capacity equal to 1 min of free air aspired at 450 mm Hg of Medical Vacuum Plant according to HTM 2022 Section 9.26.


Duplex arrangement of bacterial filter group prevent bacteria accumulated in the Pipeline to reach vacuum tank and thus provide hygiene in hospitals where Medical Vacuum plants are used. This process is significant in those situations where the plant is used and in hospitals where hygiene is top important. This part of the plant is located between the reservoir and the service. The Bacterial Filter Group is composed of filters and valves. The filters are up to % 99,998 efficient. The filters may be Simplex with Bypass and Duplex configurations.


The system is protected against damages by over current relays, short circuit and high pressure relays, which are located on the electric control panel. Digital Electric Control Panel PCP 4M has been designed to control the plant automatically or manually which max. 4 Pumps can be operated and protect the electrical system. 
The panel is designed to show the on or off and fault conditions of each pump separately at the required value. Leading pump selection can also be programmed through this panel on day / month / year basis. Tank vacuum level is shown on the panel digitally and also pump’s on and off vacuum levels can be programmed from this panel.

Panel will allow the Medical Vacuum Plant to operate in Manual mode through built in vacuum switches in case of any fault on vacuum Transducer or electronic control. The system can also be used manually in case of a fault in the system. The gauges which show the work time of the pumps are also located on the control panel. It has the property to transfer the data on the panel to another one on a distant location or to be connected to the hospital BMS system by an interface unit. 


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