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Bed Head Units are used to provide all necessary facilities for patient need in wards or similar areas, such as Medical Gas Services electrical lighting, telephone, data or Nurse Call System in an attractive design as well as to hide pipes cables and all services to provide free movement space. 

Bed Head Units are designed and manufactured in compliance with MDD 93/42/EC, 
MDD 93/42/EC, EN ISO 14971:2005, ISO 13485:2014, EN 793, EN 15223-1:2014, EN 940:2010,, HTM 02-01 and HTM 08-03  standards.

Bed Head Units can have the following equipments to suit room use. 

1) Medical Gas Terminal Unit complies fully to BS 5682, DIN 13260 and EN 737-6 for oxygen and vacuum together with the internally degreased copper piping which were pressure tested and ready for connection to the distribution network. 
2) Illumination can be provided by indirect light (1 x 18W LED) in the upper section and by reading light (1x9W LED) in the lower section. Both lights are integrated in the BHU profile and are covered with a prismatic plastic section that is easily removable.

Electrical Switches (230Y16A), on / off switches and Telephone sockets, jacks are provided in a Bed Head Unit. Nurse Call Unit can be supplied and installed by different manufacturers as well as Medikar made Nurse Call System. As it is show in below drawings, electrical services and gas services are separated from each other, Cover of the Bed Head Unit can be easily dismantled with gripper system without use of any screw; the body of the Bed Head Unit can also be easily assembled to the mounting rails with the same mechanism. Bed Head Units can be 100-120-150-180-300 cm in length according to the customer request and the size of the medium that the unit is installed.




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